Re: 1.5 GPA

Subj: Re: 1.5 GPA 
Date: 95-08-08 18:45:04 EDT 
  To: El Polvo 

18 holes in Choteau, it's legit, right next to the airport. Amazing when you consider the town's got a population of around 2500. Yeh, the old lady's coming thru on the house, looks like M. and the keeds will arrive there the 21st and they'll enroll in the school on the 23rd--ranching communities I guess don't give the kids much time off when there's work to be done. Four days at Christmas! Tony sure did go a stone's throw and some, didn't he? What's he up to besides writing every other book on New Mexico and Navajo policemen? I went with his daughter Anne who was the beautifullest albeit canted beauty looking broad, like a Mad-magazine mascot Julia Roberts, beautiful breasts, eyes, things rolled like drunk hamsters in a cotton sack, the breasts, not the eyes. She walked like that Robert Crumb character you sometimes see on mud flaps on trucks, big ol' foot way out ahead of him. Made dancing sort of intimate. With her, not the mud flap guy. The H., man, he was something, I won all these prizes for the station one year, Best Documentary, Best Feature, Gridiron thing, Best Local Investigative Reporting on second graders dealing in stolen agates and steelies, that sort of thing, Bruce calls me in to tell me he's thankful but that the whole thing was stacked, he had favors owed him by the local news people, they voted those awards for him, not me. I told him, my jaw running from slack amazement to cord popping tight rage, that the submissions were judged by the journalism department at Notre Dame University. He looked at me intense, regrouping, and said, "That's where I went to college, I'm a big donor to the alumni association." I throttled back and asked him straight out if he had seen any of my stuff and he said no but that didn't change anything. I'm wondering if this man has it all together or is just playing with me, but later I found out that he isn't the smartest guy around and the only people who worked for the station for any length of time were either losers who couldn't get a job anywhere else or getting an education so they could go across the street to KOB. The last thing Bruce did when I was cleaning out my desk was to appoint his son Andy who was XXXXX XXXXX, into XXXXX, as anchorman. Later I saw that Linda was also part of the news department. I'm not saying they weren't good but they made Dick Knipfing over at KOAT look like Walter Cronkite covering the Kennedy funeral. Geez, sour grapes after all this time. Yes we are making the move, twenty agents from Century 21 trundled thru the house this morning, we have a couple interested in it coming tonight, there is an easiness to it all that speaks well to this move. Everything is easy, everything fits. Example from yesterday, Marilyn calls Ellie at Adventure 16 who used to rent our RV out to thank her for a check for $300 that she's sent a few weeks ago, and Ellie tells us Yes, she'll get the other $2800 to us by the end of the summer and M. says $2800, is that what you owe us, I thought it was $500. There is this pause on the other end and the sound of a bitten tongue sliding down the front of someone's blouse on its own blood. As it works out we now have a U-Haul truck we are renting from Ellie, 26 footer, that we don't have to pay a penny for, plus all the packing materials we'll be needing, and she'll still owe us $1200. Now, I have to say that Ellie was very gracious about the whole thing. This happened, now get this, right after we shopped around all the major van lines and found that there was big time price fixing, four grand to get our stuff to Augusta, I mean down to the same nickel sometimes, as if these guys have a secret code book they work by. The estimators come over and look at stuff, you think God, look at this experience here, guy evaluating the weight of stuff, the space it'll take up, must take years to get the knack and you find out that they go by room size and additional stuff that is peculiar to each household, I mean it is the anomalies they are looking for, the rest of the stuff is already sized up before they even get through the front door. Mmm, five bedrooms, upstairs, same old shit, there's a piano, titanium life size cast of John Belushi, lead copy of the Pieta, add on four hundred for that.... Another example, we are wondering about the class sizes at the school, caliber of teachers and so forth, standing in the post office in Augusta asking the postmistress and she says, Hey, here's the super of schools in this district, he'll fill you in, and we stand there jawing with him for half an hour, get the lowdown on the schools, their budget, where he hails from (DOD American schools in Berlin, bailed out when the base closing thing started to be spoken of). I mean it is almost funny how much we belong up there and how it plays everyday to us. You stand in an Augusta street wondering if there are enough kids there for Cristina and Zachary and as if on command kids begin to appear everywhere, some leading lambs, I'm serious, others riding less-than-yearling bulls from the backyard corral, kids on ponies, kids with their dogs, kids playing hide and seek, as if some director was shooting this thing and had just called Action! This is a full on story in itself. I'm taking American Online with me of course so we'll stay in touch, and know you and K. are welcome to our home whenever you want to get up there to play the Palmer course in Choteau. We can get out on one of the many lakes too in a boat, pretend we're in the Caribbean. Moose