1.5 GPA

Subj: 1.5 GPA
Date: 08/06/95
From: El Polvo

Dear Mr. Solo, There is golf in Choteau 25 miles north of Augusta???? My life's dream (one of them) has been to play Augusta. All this time I thought it was in Georgia. I don't need no course to play on, jus' enough room to swing the clubs without hittin' nobody's windas. I can make my own holes with a small post hole digger (or my imagination). . . . Visualize the ball going into the hole . . . 1969's when I flew the coop on UNM myself . . . leaving a perfectly good student deferrment and a 1.5 GPA behind. The Hebenstreets sold KGGM, now it's KRQE, and UNM is now KUNM :-{ ) (it's a joke son) and Tony still thinks he's head of the Journalism Dept. Did the lady whose dog calls her woof give you the house yet? Hey . . . I've got a great idea for unloading your house in SD . . . you hold this essay contest and . . . Vaya con D Ass El Polvo :-{D