Subj: Golf
Date: 95-08-05 22:51:58 EDT
  To: El Polvo 

There is golf in Choteau 25 miles north of Augusta. You can work out the kinks in your back from sleeping in our bed on their Stanley Fagan Palmer 18 hole course. Stan's from Moriarty, worked as a stringer for KOB for years and then as news director briefly for KGGM before getting into pro play in Oaxaca where the only books in English he read dealt with the history of Scottish golfing. I met Stan when I was working as cameraman at KGGM-tv (now KRQE) and majoring in journalism when Tony Hillerman was head of the dept. at UNM. That was 1969. Stan's an outfitter over in Darby, MT. now but he lived in Choteau for five years and got the city fathers to raise the money for the course which has a lot of seaside/cliff aspects you wouldn't ordinarily find on the plains these days. I love your quote for me, it keeps on bubbling up stuff from way down deep, like burps from the grave. You be good now, here? Joe