The Great Falls Gazette

Subj: The Great Falls Gazette
Date: 08/02/95 
From: El Polvo

Golly Mr. Montana that new place of yours sure does sound swell. Speakin'o swells . . . forget the sailing trip this year mate. It wasn't the right time. Kathleen can't do it either. She accidentally bought a new car and needs to make some payments or something. I was trying to hype it up in my mail to you but I never could completely get immersed and couldn't decide where to go anyway. One of these days I'm going to sail around the world . . . or watch a movie or read a book about someone doing it, know whut I mean? Well, I take back that RESIGNED occupation suggestion . . . you can go ahead and put down WRITER. The way you described it, you made Montana sound almost like, like, uh, well, New Mexico. That's some damn good writin' Earl. You oughta see if they need a weekly communist from California to write in the Great Falls Gazette (but I'd tell 'em I's from Wyoming if I's you). Happy Birthday again. Seems like just a couple months ago we were up at Bella Vista with the kids eatin' buskeddi. I got your PRESENT right here Bubba . . . (grabs himself like Michael Jackson used to before he got in trouble with little boys). If you could just learn to STAY in the present, you'd have it made Earl. Kathleen wants to go to Montana too. Maybe we'll come visit. Don't worry about the small house, you can sleep on the floor and we'll take your bed. They got any golf there? Captain D