OnLine University: Goat Milking 101 - $40

Subj: OnLine University: Goat Milking 101 - $40
Date: 08/17/95  
From: El Polvo   

Big Joe Cartwright, In your E-mail >Subj: change >Date: 95-08-14 11:20:56 EDT >From: JOMAXSOLO >To: El Polvo you write: You remember my story in the first issue called The Seed, little seed with barbs clinging to the desert floor to keep the high winds from blowing him to the dark horizon where the mountains are? Issue? Are you a publisher or something? . . .Story? Are you a writer or something. I thought you were a Rancher. I guess a good writer can make you believe anything. I remember leaning on the hoe when I was about 12 years old thinking, "Man this is hard work, I'm going to be a scientist when I grow up so I don't haffta do this physical stuff." I ain't the guy for the Wrangler position. But keep your eyes peeled for any scientist openings up there in . . . uh . . . where is it? Augusta? What the hell are we coming to? Everybody's having to pull out of society just to get their kids raised and educated. My sister left Redondo Beach two years ago for Evergreen, CO. I had to come up with mucho dinero to send Bridgette to private school this year. You are heading out to the Ponderosa. But . . . look at the alternative . . . both of my sons are in jail. I'm not that bad a dad, really! I'm glad you're taking AOL with you. I really think schools are obsolete now. Home school via the computer can outperform any public school I know of. You can learn at your own pace (which, if you are only an average student, is a hell of a lot quicker than public school), you can set your own curriculum, and you don't have to join a gang or . It's in the works, even AOL has some adult education classes, i.e., [Transmitted: 95-08-12 15:20:36 EDT Writing NonFiction Books Instructor: Blythe Camenson (Screen name BCamenson) Class Meets: Thursdays, 8:00 PM to 10: 00 PM, Eastern Time Duration: 8 weeks Registration Fee: $40 COURSE DESCRIPTION: The key to selling a nonfiction book is knowing how to write a good book proposal. Often, you can land a book contract just on the basis of your proposal. In this eight-week course, students will learn the elements of successful proposals and how to approach agents and editors with them. Classtime will be a combination of lecture and Q & A. During the eight week course each student will have the opportunity to work on their own proposal offline, with frequent instructor feedback via email. The topics will cover include: 1. DEVELOPING BOOK IDEAS THAT SELL A. Is it a book, a booklet, or an article? B Will it sell? 2. APPROACHING PUBLISHERS A Writing the Nonfiction Book Query 1. Develop a mini-proposal to test the waters B Writing the Nonfiction Book Proposal 1. introduction 2. the market 3. the competition 4. format 5. about the author 6 sample Table of Contents 7. chapter summary 8. sample chapter 9 delivery 3. DO I NEED AN AGENT? A Going it Alone B Finding and Working with an Agent 4. THE BOOK CONTRACT Required Reading: Writer's Market and How to Write a Book Proposal, by Michael Larsen (WD Books) INSTRUCTOR PROFILE Blythe Camenson is a full-time writer of both nonfiction and fiction. She is currently working on her 13 nonfiction book--all have been sold on the basis of a proposal. Her articles and photographs have appeared in 100+ publications and two of her novels are currently being considered for movie options by TriStar. As director of Fiction Writer's Connection (FWC), a membership organization for new writers, she edits and writes for Fiction Writer's Guideline, the FWC newsletter, provides a critiquing service to members, and organizes seminars for writers. She also conducts workshops on novel writing, nonfiction book proposal writing, and approaching editors and agents. She is also a frequent speaker at local Barnes & Noble/Bookstop bookstores. One of the most frequent questions she is asked is how to write a book proposal. In addition to this course, Blythe Camenson also teaches How to Approach Editors and Agents for AOL.] Personally, I'm looking for the $40 course: "How to Become a Scientist". Hey! Maybe you an' me could be on-line teachers. I've still got my Ground Instructor Certificate (it never expires) Basic, Advanced and Instrument. With a little brushing up and my computer flight simulator I could give flying lessons (do people fly airplanes anymore?) and you could teach writing, editing, publishing, (do people read anymore?) acting, and goat milking. The ending on the dead kids video story was Ms. Media checks out the vid early on in the day looking for the dead bodies. Can't find 'em, they're all buried in them graves. I just stand back and watch as New Manager and production mgr. grudgingly, grumpy old meningly, insert the body shot where the cemetery lived. Then Ms. Media checks it again . . . "MORE BODIES it's got to have MORE DEAD BODIES, she screams. More grumpy grumbling and more dead bodies later it begins to resemble "Natural Born Killers" (good movie BTW makes a good point in an artistic way - rent it if you get a chance but don't let the kids or the Marilyn see it) and she says, "There now that's more like it, that's WHAT THE MAYOR WANTS. Then that night in the live show after the vid runs we cut back to the studio and one of the guests (city council VP) is almost blowing dinner chunks on the table. Not a pretty sight. Out of self defense, I immediately took two weeks of well deserved vacation. Who was it? Some scientist like Bertrand Russell said it I think . . . "The surest sign of an impending nervous breakdown is when a person begins to think his work is of the utmost importance." I have been to the mountain top (for the last three days) and found an Elk pasture at about 8500 ft. - Turned out to be quite suitable for golf. I laid out nine holes and proceeded to play them in one under par. Yourz trooley- El Dusto Gusto :-{D