Subj: Change 
Date: 95-08-14 11:20:56 EDT 
  To: El Polvo

El Polvo, When the time comes for megachange it's hard to miss, isn't it? Integrity always wins but not necessarily on the same premises. Heard a sermon yesterday based on Luke's story of the thief in the night and how if the householder knew when he was coming he woulda kept his stuff. The rector likened the thief to God who comes when you least expect it and takes everything, leaves you destitute so you don't have anything left to cling to. When The Great Spirit brings around new managers who don't know anything and media pros who know everything and don't mind reaping you with the scythes of their ambition then you start to get an inkling that the Big Move is on and you're in it. Two scenarios are likely, you gain even greater creative power at the station, or you get canned. Either way you win, because when you're booted on account of your integrity you can be sure there's someone waiting to snap you up. I need a wrangler, for instance, for my little spread in Montana. We sold the house yesterday, pretty fast, huh? Took a week. Neat thing about it is that the new owners want to move in Sept. 7 and that's just enough time for us to get out and clean up after us. Propitty values are tumbling here so we took a loss, but this is gonna go on for years becuz the houses are overpriced anyway and there's no jobs. Our commitment is to the kids, it's not so much an all out sacrifice, although there's some of that in there, but this thing is so obviously choreographed for their benefit, for their growing up healthy and sane, and I think it is our going along with that which has made the move so easy. If it was for us alone, and Marilyn is not crazy about moving there for obvious reasons, it would be much harder to get out of here, but for the kids something clicked in the safe lock and the bigass door trundled open with a whisper and a sigh. You remember my story in the first issue called The Seed, little seed with barbs clinging to the desert floor to keep the high winds from blowing him to the dark horizon where the mountains are? and one day all his barbs with which he holds on are worn down to the nubbins and he says Okay!, the wind comes sweeping him toward the place he has feared the most all his life where he falls onto rich soil and falls asleep exhausted from all his fighting. And when he awakens he is this beautiful plant he had always imagined he woulda been if there'd only been water on the desert. His roots are deep in the warm earth and he is surrounded by others like him, and he is home. Joe Moose