Come ON

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Date: Wed, 07 Feb 1996 00:02:04
From: (the Dust)
Subject: Come ON


1st off - Where are you, what's going on? Didja get them  younguns? Are you alive?

2nd - My Pentium doesn't read Mac disks it wants me to format them and write new stuff on them.

3rd - I went to Kinko's copies and got Garcia's Message transferred to my IBM disk. It almost cost me forty cents but the guy, Scott was his name, said, "Ahh, just forget it."

4th - I put it on the WWW just the way you had it on disk except it's not in 125 pages. It's all on page one. It's a pretty damn long page but it's all there intact, in unalphabetical order.

5th - When you do the Radio Tour, Bookstore Appearances, and Talk Shows - Tell them your URL (Web Page Address) for the book is :

Polvs :-{D

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