Been There, Done That

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Date: Fri, 26 Jan 1996 23:31:50
From: elpolvo
To: Jomaxsolo
Subject: Been There, Done That

Mr. Mom,

No surprises in that stuff about Cai in Maui. It's what you knew you'd encounter. And it's not the unusual lifestyle, it's not the parentening through channeled beings, its not the salad only dinners, the home schooling, the neckked bodies or the lack of children their own age that's bad. . . it's the lack of being in the presence of honesty. . . learning character by example. . . the personal responsibility, the disipline, the importance of keeping your word . . the fundamentals of being a useful member of society. These don't necessarily have to come from the Father. . . got most of mine from my Grandmother.

Howsomever, in the case of Zachary and Cristina, there's nothing there in that category on the Maternal side and there's plenty of it on the Father side and I'm talking about the Marilyn just as much as you. If the Marilyn says something, you can count on it. There's nothing more important than that.

I have had a fair amount of contact with the judicial, as well as the executive and legislative branches of government and every judge I know is going to look at the big picture in these kind of cases. If he must choose a sole custody route he is going to choose (unless the LAW dictates otherwise) the direction that will cause the greatest good for the children AND THE COMMUNITY.

If you can get that temporary custody gig that would sure be good. Then keep all the choices and decisions in the hands of the judges (not the negotiating attorneys) from there on.

Yours to count on. ... E.P.

(later that day)

As for me, I'm cramming these pages into HTML and fishin' for good links on the web to tie to them. I'm up to letter 47 tonight (still awaiting word on letter 40). I'm going to play in a Golf tournament on Sunday then watch the Superbowl (37-24 Cowboys). The yes-man manager was let go at work, I got a new contract for 33% more money and I'm about to become the gateway and guide for City departments' WWW Web Page development. I knew I was putting in all this time on these Web Pages for something. Meanwhile, I'm still producing, directing, shooting and editing lots of live and recorded GOV TV.

Kathleen's in Boulder doing a four-day seminar on being an expert witness (accountant-wise) in divorce cases.

Bridgette's 4.0 grades are staying up there and she's getting $500 per semester in scholarship money from the school for it which sure helps us pay the way.

Kidd got out of the county jail, came and spent Christmas with us before he shipped out to Oklahoma City for a six month stint in a drug program. First time in about ten years he's visited us. He seems to be wanting some help and maybe wants to re-connect with the Father side. He's been living with the Child Killer from Hell (no, not your ex . . . MY ex).

Dances with Inmates just moved to Santa Fe. He's not in the Maximum Security Part, they actually have three separate populations and compounds and he's in the Minimum. Still has 10 months to go till parole. I'm sending him a textbook a month on Windows Programming, Java, etc. so he can be on the leading edge when he gets out. He's way, way beyond where I'll ever be with computers. I operate them, he TEACHES them. We talk on the phone 5 or 6 times a week. He seems to be wanting some help and maybe re-connect with the Father side. He's been living with the Child Killer from Hell, (no, not your ex . . .

John Wayne Gacy) [ JOKE :-{D ]


Letter 40 is the one called Ummmm, and yes, you do refer to the Marilyn.

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