Letter 40?

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Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 01:26:20
From: elpolvo
To: Jomaxsolo
Subject: Letter 40?


Good to hear from you, glad things are in the works for the kids' return, don't let it drag out too long. I'm glad for the Marilyn that you got a little relief from the frozen tundra. You now know that there is no irony whatsoever in the phrase, "Colder than Hell" right?

I'm really kickin' ass here. I'm burnin' rubber AND the midnight oil publishin' these here web pages.  I've got 39 letters, a home page, an index, a couple of stray extra-curricular pages, and 10 photo pages published on our "Letters from Montana" site, for a grand total of 52 pages. This here message is number 82 so as of right now I am only 43 letters, one too many mornings and a thousand miles behind.

That brings me to letter 40. Yessir . . .ol' letter number 40. Now that's a letter.

Letter number forty is powerful. It's a big part of what makes this whole task worthwhile. It's the definitive revelation of these here lives of us little cowboys an' injuns on this little blue ball in space. It's that look in the mirror where we see something we don't want to see staring us down. We walk the razor's edge here. To reach letter 40 and walk right on through it as if it were just another letter, say maybe letter 22 or something, well that's a master level of courage, a level of love for life that has been the goal of men since the beginning of time.

OK . . .having stated the power and importance of letter forty I now offer you the chance to castrate the publisher. Do you want to withhold or edit this letter before it steps nakedly on to the stage? I personally think the letter adds a great deal of honesty, vulnerability and dignity to the continuing saga of "Jomax and Marilyn move to Montana and buy a couple scroungy lookin' chickens for the kids." I don't for a minute suggest that it SHOULD be withheld or edited. But let's be sure we have the blessing of the Marilyn. I guess what I'm saying is that her feelings are more important than publishing "The Greatest Story Ever Told." And if she's not comfortable with this hittin' the press you may cut off my balls and bury them on the plains of Montana.

El Polvo sin Huevos :-{+ awaiting your reply

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