Urgent RSVP

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Date: Mon, 01 Jan 1996 19:38:08
From: elpolvo
To: Jomaxsolo
Subject:Urgent RSVP


I well remember James Rawles, I didn't read his book but I liked his ideas. His secret to less labor was that he made the whole book ONE WEB PAGE and he didn't spice it with links all over the globe to related material. I could have all our LFM on tonight if I wanted to do it that way.

Your writing alone is enough gift for anyone to be more than satisfied with their visit to LFM but as an addicted WEB surfer I really like to visit a site that has more goodies than just text. I loved the way Carla's Pages were built, I want to start adding our pictures soon. I am making each letter a page of its own. Being the mechanic of this process, I still have to have some creative contribution or I wouldn't be doing this. I happen to think it's neat that when you say in one of your letters, "here in Montana they still let you die any old way you want" I put a hypertext link on that sentence that takes the reader to a WEB page giving the address of Dr. Jack Kevorkian.

If you feel throttled back by my saying, "slow down," then that's great. There's nothing better than a writer having more inside trying to get out than he can disperse. It sure beats having a case of nothing to say (which, BTW, is the case with the Kathleen who writes a letter every 6 years . . . your missive from her will be forthcoming soon after the turn of the Millenium.) Keep writing as fast as you want, just put more in each letter and wait a couple or three days to send it all. (It is kinda nice though to get your stuff before you've had a chance to get second thoughts about what you've written.)

I'm hoping that as time goes by we'll snag some interested surfer out there who will join us and maybe take over surfing for us and putting the links on the letters. That's the most time consuming part and even at GNN prices I ran my surfing bill up over $95 this month. Sooner or later you're going to upgrade your hardware and you'll be able to post your LFM direct to the Website yourself.

Now back to the Chillens Repatriotization . . .

On the way back from Gallup today I was stricken by computer-age strategy ideas in the war against Mummified Chillens. LISSEN UP! When I was eleven I got to spend the summer with my dad in an oil field out about 15 miles from Chaco canyon. When it came time to leave I decided that I wasn't going to go back to Florida with Mom and the Stepdad. This was the same guy that Charles Dickens wrote about in David Copperfield that used to beat the dickens out of little people like me and David. I had the whole escape route figgered out if they ever showed up out there in the middle of nowhere to retrieve me.

Then one day I saw the black Mercury come over the hill about a half mile up the road and I froze with fear. I don't know how they found the place (this was really remote - at least 40 miles from the nearest pavement.) My Dad had said he would go as far as using the shotgun to keep them from taking me but . . . they had COURT PAPERS SIGNED BY A JUDGE! Dad spent less than thirty minutes contemplating the consequences of violating the edict of these COURT PAPERS SIGNED BY A JUDGE (contempt of court including apprehension and incarceration) and it was all over for me, I was in the back seat of the Mercury being given a choice of repaying the gas money and tire wear for driving to Chaco canyon out of my savings account or out of my hide. I chose the savings withdrawal which I must say was the much, much cheaper route.

The injustice inherent in our judicial system when dealing with these custody issues is that they can drag out longer than the psyches and well-being of our children can stand. What the chillens need FIRST AND FOREMOST is to be back in school in Augusta. This, if you choose to accept it, is your mission. From that point on, the justice system will be just, trust me. Don't use the shotgun, use the talents of your 58 years of writing, creating, and acting. You have the MAC. You are a writer. You are a publisher. Publish COURT PAPERS SIGNED BY A JUDGE!

A HAWAIIAN JUDGE IN MAUI. A Hawaiian judge in Maui who may even want to hold the alternative lifestyle community they are living in responsible for contributing to the psycho-social impairment of innocent children from Montana.

This will be your most important role in history Mr. SOLO. You must come across as a confident but compassionate papers server who is trying to KEEP MOM OUT OF JAIL AND PROTECT HER COMMUNITY FROM THE ONSLAUGHT OF THOSE FEDS (that get totally obsessed with getting their way, to the point of poisoning all routes of escape). Don't spend any extra time collecting clothes and Christmas presents, leave the compound within 20 minutes of arrival.

AND as always, should you or the Marilyn fall into the hands of Hawaii Five-O or be booked by Danno, we will deny all knowledge of this ingenious scheme.

Please read this and reply before leaving Montana or I shall be forced to call you on the (Heaven Forbid) telephone.


PS Don't use a real Judge's name and don't forge anything, just make some nice official COURT PAPERS SIGNED BY A JUDGE as seen in the movie - My Cousin Lenny.

Use the word WHEREAS at least four times and INCUMBENT UPON at least twice.


El Polvo is pulling for them babies too.

Date: Mon, 01 Jan 1996 19:48:13

From: elpolvo

To: Jomaxsolo

Subject:Supplement to Urgent

And oh, lest we forget,

Just put your love where it feels like it wants to go and all will occur according to the laws of perfection.

Work Hard but Don't Worry

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