Re: A Cardinal' Sin

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Date: Sun, 31 Dec 1995 12:04:16 -0500
To: elpolvo
Subject: Re: A Cardinal' Sin


Back when I was talking with Rawles of THE GRAY NINETIES in Idaho few wks back he said he had his whole 300 pg. book programmed in less than two weeks, bringing this up becuz might it be there is a less labor intensive way to get these thangs on the web? I will write him today to see what he knows we mightn't.

I will lay off sending the letters but I'll go on writin' them cause as my life advisor and faculty counselor you are my touchstone for putting these experiences and feelings into language.

I am going over to maui january 5 to see the kids, taking the Marilyn, need to have the kids see us, know we are working to get them back without showing our hand at the same time.   Also want to see where they live and get a PI onto the medusa to see what she's been up to.  I'd put them on a flight to Maui in Calgary, that's where Canada comes in.  I will wait to burn down the country till the kids are safely back.

Am working up a second draft of the affadavit the lawyer needs to file Tuesday, that's two days from now, he's filing a petition to modify the existing court doc in San Diego to where we become primary home and sole custodians of the chicklits. The lawyer from hell in San Diego who repped us in 93 we are contacting as well to get some ferocity into this. Montana is laid back and that's great but we need a fuming mouthy gritteeth guy as well. Ol' LFH despises the 'mom' with a passion he once had only for his own vengeance. He was really after us to go for sole custody in 93, said if we waited the court would counter any future approach with a if you think she's all that bad why didn't you move when you had the chance?

Thanks for getting fierce, it helped me make up my mind about going over there. This is my getting involved in life year, been playing my cards pretty close to my vest for 58 years, like other side of my navel.  I'll be in touch soon as I have something back from James Rawles, remember him? You sent me his piece on the web as a publishing site. Runs a trading post other side of the bitterroot range, sells shooting irons, is a m.o.m I suspect. You wondered why I didn't get the moms to invade Hawaii with me and the Marilyn? It's the time factor, you get 20,000 guys and hire the ships to take them, find a quartermaster, get it all organized the kids could be having stirrings of creating life in the kid sitting next to them in class and wondering what to do about their pimples. This is a two man invasion, only one of the soldiers is a woman, and one of the best around.

Buzz Sawyer

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