Re: Serious Letter Advice

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Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995 20:45:08 -0500
To: elpolvo
Subject: Re: Serious Letter Advice

Okay, you're right, there is no time to let the law handle it, this calls for action now, Arnold and Bruce, take my 177 and get my ass over there. Then what? my mind says, how do I get them onto the plane and back with me without being shot to death by her and her mutant Buddhist hit squad, but then I read what you say about praying to God, and you're right, it's not enough to chop wood and carry on as if nothing's happened, that was dumb to send them, how freaking dumb can a guy get? What is going on in my head? My heart? Holy Cow, Corliss, this calls for a lot more than I'm putting into it. Thanks for the advice, Lifer.


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