A Cardinal Sin

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Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995 21:58:26
From: elpolvo
To: Jomaxsolo
Subject: A Cardinal Sin

Senor Buzzz,

Don't be makin' heroes outta guys who fly dangerously with their brother on board. You wanna fly like that, you do it solo. Maybe in one of them one-seaters. Yeah, that's the ticket. If'n yer talkin' about those ultralights just lifting one of them offa the groun' is dangerous flying.

I've got 9 letters on the Web so far. It's a bit time consuming. I get your letter in GNN Messenger, copy & paste it into WP6.1 strip the hard returns off each line one by one, translate the copy in WP Internet Publisher to HTML, export that to the Netscape Browser to make it a genuine HTML document and save it on the hard disk, later using Netscape I surf the net for Web pages that embellish various words and phrases in the letter. I copy the URL addresses of these Web pages and then back in WP Internet publisher I create the hypertext links and save them. When the page is finished I open NaviPress and call up the document from the hard drive, sign on to the Internet via GNN, and save the page to our LFM file. Then I pull up the letter index page and add the new letter and hypertext link to it and resave it to LFM. Then I write a reply to your letter and send it via e-mail. Now I go through the same process with my reply to get it on the Web.

I'd say each page takes between 3 and 5 hours not including any stray surfing or dawdling. I come home after a full day at the station, spend about 4-5 hours doing this and there you have it. I haven't done any airplane flying Buzzz and no golfing Arnold, in fact I haven't even been getting enough time to sleep Rip.

Here's where our Web pages stand as of tonight. The Home page, the Letter Index, the first nine letters, and 90 Under Construction pages are now open to the pubic. The other 67 letters are in about stage two of the seven stage process - they are residing in WP Internet Publisher waiting for a little final editing, research and tagging of hyperlinks to related Web pages, and electronic transfer to LFM. My social life and relaxation is at work.

OK LISSEN UP! Here's what you can do in this process. Since you don't have a Pentium or even the POWERMAC 6300 you can't really do this publishing or even surf the WWW for related pages to use for hyperlinks BUT . . .you can take this URL address:


and spread it around. E-mail it to everyone you think might want to read something. Flap your lips around, write some old fashioned letters. Maybe to some of the old LT readers or ??? Tell your Mom, she might like the read and probably has some spread it around ideas too.

I loved your latest (177). Those Cardinals are beautiful handling machines. They've got a lot more aileron surface on them and a bit higher cruising speed than their sister Cessnas. They will do a whole roll before you've even realized you were upside down. I don't know how those wings stay on without any wing struts but if they're still on after the way it sounds like Nate's son sins in them then I guess they're safe.

I hear what you're saying about the Kid's Mother. Get the PI, get the Commandos . . . (hey wait a minute, don't they have some of them Freedom Malitia up there in Montana? You've been up there 4 or 5 months and you haven't said a word yet about the Freedom Fighters.) . . . tell some of those guys what you told me and they'll go get those chilluns for you.

I still love reading your stuff man. That crack about the unformatted floppy disk was beautiful dude, I almost cried.

Write slower, I'm taking a day off for New Years and going to a bar in Gallup. This is Letter 76.

I'm only 67 letters behind.

Jimmy Cracked Korn

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