Serious Letter Advice

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Date: Thu, 28 Dec 1995 00:26:27
From: elpolvo
To: Jomaxsolo
Subject: Serious Letter Advice

Mister Chester,

This is immense bad news of much larger than huge proportions and exaggeration is not yet engaged here. As your chief life skills advice giver, "YOU WHAT?" "LET THE KIDS GO WHERE?", I must say, "Don't let these baby people out of your sight until they are on their way to college!" Tell me now that you are just playing a Little Leap Year joke on ol' Polvs.

I am a very non-judgmental, trusting soul and do not think badly of people. "Hitler probably was abused as a child, he just needs kindness and understanding," says I. But hear me now and believe me later, your ex-wife is the CHILDKILLER FROM HELL if she even hints that the kids will not be spending the winter, and indeed, the rest of their growing up years with you and the Marilyn in Montana or wherever the "FAMILY" might reside.

Here's the nutshell dude ---> Cai's obviously not acting in the best interest of the kids - It happens - MOM-NESS is good, but it don't hold a candle to values like character, study, family, neighborliness, livestock care, civic participation, and school and community achievement. Those kids have to have that experience by the time they're turned loose or they're inflicting that lack, putting that load, RIGHT ON ME. It's been said it only takes two people to have a child but it takes a whole community to raise it.

Augusta is that community.

Man I REALLY know of what I speak here because this is the EXACT scenario I witnessed with someone I know whose full sized burdens on society are sometimes lovingly referred to as Dances with Imprisoned Ones and Kidd Kaos the Incarcerated.

Legal proceedings are not the fight you are looking for here.  That only puts dollars in lawyers banks and delays the resolution until it's too late to benefit the children. (It would be good, however, to have a trusted attorney draw up a legal custody arrangement to be signed at the point of resolution if it ever arrives.)

Now, I'm no Janet Reno, but here's my genuine heartfelt advice:

Plan A:

The woman's a HO, buy the kids back. All you need is possession for a day, or LESS - Hell, 10 minutes and you can put them right back into the community - family - school - setting that no judge in the world would take them out of. No MOM in the world would either.

Plan B:

Send in Arnold Swartzenegger and Bruce Willis, kidnap 'em, set fire to Calgary, and blow up the entire country of Canada. Is that where they went?

Plan C:

Pray to God you sinner. Ask for his forgiveness as humbly as you know how and promise never to make another mother/child visitation move without first consulting your chief life skills advice giver. Ask for him to TAKE YOU OUT manly-like with maybe a heart attack while cutting wood so you don't have to live in a world that is overrun with young heartless freaks with no sense of their own responsibility to the community.

To Hell with the help on the WEB pages -- get those kids back in school


Forever yourz,

Senor Frog :-{(

ps - I need to tell you about Kidd Kaos prodigal soningly coming home for Christmas

Goodbye Dean Martin, We Loved Ya !

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