Wood and Kids

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Date: Tue, 26 Dec 1995 20:49:19 -0500
To: elpolvo
Subject: wood and kids

Dear Dusty,

I got your WWW pages in the mail and it looks good. Is there anything I can do to help you program the letters into the website? Advise. I'm in Montana, there is more time in each day here than you have down there, there's fifty hours in a day here, about eight down there, so use my time.

We went out to the woods today to take advantage of the warm spell with clear skies and found a good cutting place up on Elk Creek road not far from where we ran into those elk killers, there was a guy up there cutting, you could see his crew cab blue pickup parked at a diagonal 15% angle to the hillside.

Jonnie, Marilyn's son, 21 years old on Christmas, was walking over the area with me, we'd parked the truck, twenty years ago there was this tremendous burn that incinerated a quarter million acres here and we were in that neck of the woods, then whoever was cutting cried out to us, Hey! and we stopped and he called back, I have more down than I can carry and you're welcome to it!

We went up to him and he introduced himself as Rick Ripley, he's super of schools in Choteau, was super of Augusta schools for seven years, has a ranch out at Bowman Corners beyond the Hutterite settlement where we get our turkey and vegetables and chickens and stuff. He had his load strapped down, big solid barkless trees hardened by the fire, cut to 7 foot lengths, three or four others on the ground. We went back to the truck and followed his tracks in around from a top-of-hill approach down after he left, loaded them on along with some other fallen dead, we'd left the chain saw at home as this was more of a reconnaisance trip. Tomorrow we go out in the morning and again in the afternoon.

I come into the kitchen this morning from the office here and Marilyn's on the phone there at the doorway to the kitchen, her eyes fixed in a way where I knew that this is a call about something monumentally bad. It is. The mother has called with a kind of robotic message about keeping the kids there and she'll send a letter sometime letting us know why. Now, we'd sent them off for a week vacation with her, she hadn't said anything about keeping them...she's been after us to raise them and out of the cerulean blue comes this, we have rt tickets that have no refund on them out of Calgary, all their clothes here, all their Christmas gifts under the tree, their school expecting them, bunnies and chickens, no explanation, just The kids are not coming back to you and I expect child support the first of January. Marilyn and I just looked at each other there in the doorway. I felt gutshot. They'd finally gotten to feel at home, to have friends, to feel like kids.

This is the big event, where I get to fight for the first time against Medusa the Pro, see if I'm any sort of warrior. I'll talk to you later. I'm glad I'm here in Augusta, It's where this battle for the lives of two kids belongs. I need to tell you about the Christmas concert and some other stuff.

Harry C

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