Knee Jerky

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Date: Sat, 23 Dec 1995 00:25:19
From: elpolvo
To: Jomaxsolo
Subject: Knee Jerky

I can name that tune in four notes! Keep away from that high "C".

. . . And that's Allegro Airlines . . . for Happy Flyers. The fine print says, "some restrictions, departure tax of $35 not included, subject to change, contract required, have your travel agent call for details, etc., etc., etc." The phone number is 800-525-1948.

My brother Johnny, who flies for America West said he heard one of the Mexican Airline pilots responding to Denver Approach Control when asked why they had not yet decended to 12,000 ft., as requested, at a certain point in their approach, "Well, sometimes we make it, sometimes we don't."

I'd say if it was to happen for me, (going to Mexico in Jan.) that the best days would be a four or five day stretch from the 11th or 12th to the 16th. Maybe I could use this internet to find an inexpensive place to stay in Cabo San Lucas or San Juan del Cabo?

Actually I wouldn't mind staying in La Paz, yeah that's the ticket, The Peace Place.

I've got seven letters with surfer links up on the Web now, only 65 to go. I'm thinking maybe I'll put up the letters without the links and add 'em later, I don't know, it seems like I'll never get caught up to our current letter (this one) within a day or two of when it's written.. Does it matter? I don't know.

I haven't told anyone the address yet. I wonder if Carla's got her Phoenix story up yet?

The Mechanic

Yep, by golly here it is, excuse me while I do some more readin' :

Desert Encounters

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