Look Who's Published

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Date: Thu, 21 Dec 1995 02:44:05
From: elpolvo
To: Jomaxsolo
Subject: Look Who's Published


Seems I'm doing all the tech stuff and not any of the Romance.  You're doing all the real life writing while I'm trying to  translate this stuff to HTML. This is as it should be Amigo. You are a better story man than I and I am a better mechanic  than you, NO? I finally decided on a WebSite/Server for our  pages -- GNN.  As part of my monthly subscription, I (meaning  we), receive 20 Megs of space for the very low, low, reasonable  price of nada. Or, as we say in the business world, it won't  cost us JACKSHIT. ( And here I was shopping all over the WEB  for deals.) Well didn't I tell you that the price varied from something like $50 per month on down to $0? I'm downloading  summore software at this very instant while I write this unromantic fact-filled missive. It is supposed to allow me to upload  the Letters from Montana onto the WEB.

Bueno on the visit to Sun Country. It's pretty warm down here  Harry, "Come on in the water's fine." We'll be looking for  you.  If you want to slip any further south they got Round Trips from Denver to Los Cabos for as little as $169. If we planned it right we could meet there in  Denver and "POOF" begone fer 4-5 daze.

Hey Buddy I did it! You are now published on the World Wide Web. Your home page (Letters from Montana) is at the following address:


I've got the home page and the Letter Index up.  I'll start on the individual letter pages manana.


El Polvo de Manana :-{B

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