Re: Carla's Thing

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Sat, 16 Dec 1995 16:07:00 -0500
To: elpolvo

Just got your letter after posting mine. Am grateful for C's latest, and for the work you're doing on our Letters From Montana. Good name for the page in that any browser will get what it is right off. Yes on the MCI, am anxious to get in on the grnd floor, get that free 3 months too'd be righteous. How is DWI? And your sweetie? And the polvo hisself? You have any videos you could send me of your work? What is media mama up to? The manager she was leaning on, he still around? Have Kathleen write Marilyn, wouldja? she feels a little isolated out here and a letter from a bright light like yer ol lady would mean a lot to her.

Great news about purchasing the web site,to have a place in cyberspace we can hang our hats on, golly, why does that feel so good? Well, netsurfing frontiersman, I hope to join you soon out there in the filaments in God's mind and explore whatever it is we are heading for.

Harry Chesterfield

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