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Sat, 16 Dec 1995 15:59:21 -0500
To: elpolvo

Hey Louie,

Couldn't find Global Network Navigator and you know why? Grover told me it's cause there is no GNN software for Macs, you see how smart you are, you tell me there's not shit for Macs and I find out you're right, even AOL which caters to Mac doesn't have it yet. Geez. Well, Grover said they'd have it in a few weeks, about time too, but you know you have to take care of PC people first because that's where the action is.

Solid ice on the roads, glass ice. The plows come thru and make all this noise with their blades but it's all show, nothing happens except the ice gets slicker. Come out the door to walk to the office and fall down six times before I'm halfway there, boy that's more bracing than coffee, first thing in the morning, barefoot, mindless.

There was something I wanted to take up with you, do you remember what it was? I have these little glasses from a barbie doll perched on the end of my nose and see a lot better but it doesn't help my memory. Wrote to JW Rawles re: his The Gray Nineties, he was helpful, said cyberspace readers are not inclined to pay for reading WWW novels, if he had to do it all over again he'd make 10 chapters free and the second wave a paid thing but I don't know how he'd handle that, I mean it has to be voluntary, right, so the reader downloads the second ten and he's still the same deadbeat as before, maybe even moreso since he's got a second helping for nothing.

Called Cody at Countryside Hair Salon and got Zachary an appt. for tomorrow at 3:30, can you help me remember that? Cody it turns out is the sister of Suzie who runs the store here and leads the choir. We have practice at 5:30, another hour from now. There are five brothers in the family, three sisters.

Steve McGill is putting in a new furnace for us, we rassled it downstairs into the cellar yesterday with Richard, husband of Tracy who runs Steve's store when he's away, McGill was spose to be in this morning to start the installation, but Tracy's nephew was killed by his own hand and the funeral was today, so he couldn't get away. The old furnace is around 60 years old and makes a lot of noise like people hammering on the pipes and then the vent pipe spews steam and belches water which is great for humidifying but the stuff runs off onto the basement floor and we had some ducks circling the house the other morning.

Mary Ellen Lafferty writes us a letter telling us about 11 11, a number that has come into her life the last year and apparently signifies something to do with ascension. Mary Ellen used to be the healer that was in the pages of LT, tight fit, but she seemed to like it. She is a terrific woman, bright, good hearted, joyous, pretty. She's about 80, lives in Ashland, okay, that's the setup. Now Marilyn and I are watching Carlitos on  TV, there is the Grand Central Station scene where Carlitos is being pursued bigtime by these gangsters who figure he was on the boat when Sean Penn killed his brother and father, and the camera which is up on a crane moves past the big clock in the middle of the big room there and I glance at it, then at our clock and notice that they are the same time, mention the coincidence to Marilyn, she says it's 11:11, did you notice, I look at her dumbly, get what she's saying, and we have a good laugh. Same day, right? I somehow catch Louis Prima on a ten minute short in 1934 playing his trumpet, singing in between riffs and doing this little jig. Notice this because I picked up on him 30 years later when he was with Keeley Smith, but this is the only time I've seen him as a youngsta and I marvel at his endurance, I mean he was around between 1930, say, and 1980? Fifty years blowing horn, doing his little jig and singing in that raspy alto voice? This is what is going on while watching him that morning. Now, that evening I am watching Slacker by Richard Linklator and in one of the segments this hooker is leaving a room where her mark is asleep and she passes a friend of his watching TV and the camera sort of holds on him as she exits frame and you know who was on the tube, right? Same scene, same film, 1934 seen from 1995 by way of someone watching 1934 from 1989.

It's like Zachary in Augusta in 1995 watching some home video of him at Marilyn's house on Hill St. in San Diego in 1991 watching a video of him celebrating Halloween in Medford, Oregon in 1989. Ben picked up on that. Thinking of getting that same tape on and videoing Zachary watching Zachary watching Zachary being Zachary. We could do this every year for the next forty years if we don't come up with something better to pass the time.

The calico rabbit had three babies yesterday but they were either stillbirths or froze soon after delivery, very naked lil things. We had a talk with the kids about this and they understand. I am making them tiny coffins our of ebony and we've hired a veterinary priest for the services at the Catholic church.   Zachary made it on time to Cody's and she gave him a beautiful haircut. She told me an Indian told his son who was a friend of her's not to sweat the small stuff and when the lad asked him what the small stuff was the old man said, All of it.

The lil pup spends most of his time over here and the white German shepherd too who is from the same home, I don't think they're getting enough to eat yet. This is good for Pebbles but the yard is gaining badges of dog poop and's started to look like one of those boneyards like in the Killing Fields. Sort of pretty in a desultory way.

Did you ever remember what it was I wanted to tell you?


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