Re: Hi, my name is Hodad Prittikin and I, too, am anomylous

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Date: Sat, 09 Dec 1995 18:31:30
From: elpolvo
To: jomaxsolo

Here's my advice on that BIGMAC: make it a Pentium, 100mhz or faster, 16megs'o'RAM, alla multimedia-gizmos, sound card, speakers, video card, CD rom etc., 28,800 baud modem and a Gigabytre hard drive. Pre- loaded with Wind-ers '95. Then sign on GNN (1st mo. Free) thereafeter $15 a month for 20 hrs. and a couple bucks an hour over 20. Then search the web for Netscape download. Download the latest Netscape Browser software an drag your winsock.dll file from GNN into the Netscape  directory. Then when you start up Netscape browser it lets you sign on to GNN.

I know you're a MAC man but here's the deal...

MACs are for the school environment of the 80's. If you're going to be associated with old fashioned school stuff then Apples are OK but the real world uses IBM compatible PCs with INTEL inside. There's just one hell of a lot more intercourse available with PCs. There's more software, there's more shareware, more freeware, and more futureware. You'll have to make the switch sooner or later, so if you're going to upgrade anyway, DO THE SWITCH NOW DUDE. Don't worry about being able to operate it - windows is just like MAC - point a mouse at what you want and CLICK IT.

Here's a sample I found on the WEB:

Big Sur Super System - $1,999.00

     Intel Pentium 100 Mhz 
     PCI 256k cache motherboard 
     16 Megs RAM 70ns 
     1.08 Gig hard drive 
     PCI 1 Meg Video Card 
     14" .28 DP NI Impression monitor 
     Quad Speed CD ROM Drive 
     Micrrosoft Works for 95 
     Sound Blaster 16 sound card, 24 watt speakers 
     1.44 High Density 3.5" A: Drive 
     2 serial, 1 game, 1 parallel 
     Mouse, keyboard, mini tower case 
     Windows 95 

PCiTech Personal Computer Integration Technologies 

We are located on the scenic Monterey Peninsula in the
City of Seaside, California. 

Call us for our Latest Prices and System Specials!
1-800-479-PCIT : FAX: 408-899-1470 

Our local number is (408) 899-9515 

AND FYI . . .


     Another study on Internet users has yielded statistics 
that lead oneto conclude that most of us are young male 
professionals without kids.
     The average age of survey participants is 34, although 
respondents range from 13 to 75, and but one in three live with
kids.  Of the respondents, 18% are female, which is still higher
than past surveys, which have often pegged a mere 10% of Net 
users as female. 
Students compose 12% of respondents, 14% are self-employed, and 
27% work for academic, non-profit or government groups. The Netscape 
Web browser is used by 72% of us and 64% have more than one e-mail 
address. For more info, contact:

It don't sound much like US does it Earl??


Welcome to the GNN center!!

What is GNN?
GNN is a complete Internet service designed for both novices 
and power users created by America Online's new Internet 
Services Company.  This service is completely separate and 
distinct from the regular America Online service. It brings all 
the critical elements for direct Internet access and navigation 
together in a single, easy-to-use package.  GNN installs 
automatically and registers users with the click of a single 
button. It combines the highly-rated InternetWorks browser, the 
largest high-speed dial-up access network in the country, 
access to in-depth content, and first-class technical support.  

Key Elements of GNN:

-- Simple, single button installation, configuration, and 
-- Highly rated InternetWorks browser 
-- Single user interface for WWW, Gopher, FTP, Email, and News 
-- Multithreading and multitasking 
-- Largest dial-up network 
-- Rapid access to in-depth content on the GNN directory site 
-- First class technical support

To learn get on the net using GNN,  read the "Getting Started" 
article.  Enjoy!

Transmitted: 4/18/95 9:34 AM (mw01)

"Getting Started" article:

To participate in the GNN Internet Service you need to do the 

1. Request a certificate: Call 1-800-819-6112 and select option 
number three.  This will get you a certificate number and 
password to use when you first register with the GNN Internet 

2. Download the software:  You will need to download the GNN 
software by clicking on the "Download our software"  icon on 
the main page.  

3.  Sign off of AOL.  The GNN and AOL clients cannot be run at 
the same time. 

4.  Register with the service:  Once you have the software 
downloaded and installed, the system will ask you to register 
with the GNN service; this is as simple as the AOL registration 
process.  The service will ask you for a valid credit card 

5.  Surf the net:  You can use the GNNWorks software to browse 
the web, read email, read news, and do more cool stuff (ftp, 
gopher, etc).  To help you in your web browsing, we have 
provided a navigational aid: the GNN directory site.  There 
you'll find a comprehensive directory of the Websites, 
searching capabilities, What's New, What's Cool, etc.  

6. Your email address: Your email address will be of the form:  You will be able to send and receive email at 
this address using the GNN mail system.  

7.  Technical Support:  If you need to talk to a human being, 
you can call us at 800-819-6112.  Technical support is provided 
from 9 am to midnight Eastern Time. ** Please do not call the 
regular AOL tech support 800 number! **

8.  Bugs:  You report bugs in the following way:         
-- send email to

Participation in the GNN Internet Service is subject to the 
terms of this document, the GNN Internet Service Licensing 
Agreement, the Terms of Service Agreement, and the Rules of the 
Road.  Please read them carefully before starting. Electronic 
copies of these agreements can be FTPed from


Transmitted: 11/27/95 10:00 AM (getstart)

GNN Minimum System Requirements

- 386 or better processor
- 8 mb RAM
- Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, or NT
- 9600 baud or faster modem

Transmitted: 95-10-06 17:50:59 EDT (mw02)

Transmitted: 11/21/95 9:16 AM (mw02)

OOPS, looks like you might have to get that new system before you get on GNN. and it looks like you need winders too. DO IT DUDE! As for losing when you leave AOL, exactly like you said, you might not be able to get in a Chat Room with Michael Jackson on the one night a year he's on AOL. Otherwise you lose nothing BRO.

And stop sending my mail to AOL.

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