Hi, my name is Lester and I, too, am anonymous . . .

Subj: Hi, my name is Lester and I, too, am anonymous
Date: 12/07/95

General Doug,

Hey man, this HTML prep of all these letters is a lotta work. This here's letter number 60 of the archive. They have to be transferred to my WordPerfect then formatted line by line to HTML then I have to surf the net for inappropriate links and input the URLs and then export them to Netscape. THEN I gotta get us a server lined up and FTP all these babies to them. . .

BUT . . .

It's coming along General.

When you get to be a bonifide surfer you may want to send along some of your own inappropriate WEB page addresses and URLs to link to some of your words.

Hey I've decided to lose the AOL Account as of 12-18-95 since I'm paying for the GNN also. My e-mail at elpolvo@aol.com will cease with the account. You might as well start right now sending all e-mail to me at --> elpolvo@gnn.com.

Ensign Polvo

PS   -  Here's all I could find on that 800 number for AOL.

If there is no access number in your area, you can access America Online
anywhere in the United States at speeds up to 28,800 bps (up to 14,400
for VFC modems) using AOLnet and the number 1-800-716-0023. Your America
Online account will be charged a surcharge of 10 cents per minute, or
$6.00 per hour for the entire time you are connected using this number
(even during your free trial period).

To use this access number you must be running America Online for Windows
version 2.5,  or America Online for Macintosh version 2.6.  You can
obtain the latest release of the America Online software at keyword
Upgrade.  To change your access number, sign off AOL, and click on Setup
on the Sign On Screen (and then click on Edit Location, if you're using
the Windows version).  Modify your setup with the new number,
(800-716-0023), new network (AOLnet), and the appropriate baud rate for
your modem. 

If you have any problems connecting with this number, report them at
keyword AOLnet, under the Questions and Downloads icon

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