Re Re: Can We Stay Anonymous?

Subj: Re: Can we stay anonymous?
Date: 95-12-06 10:28:16 EST
To: El Polvo

Okay, understand. Give my howdies to Dances With Imprisoned Ones. You doing good work, bub. I can handle the cost, as for the malts they're better on the hoof, kinda get thin in transit, but I am sending you a virtual malt right now based on cellular memory offn my tastebuds and that part of the brain where that event is ongoing and which I channel through some tubes called kinda-remember to my virtual tv set in the front of my head which then drops down thru my sinuses onto my fingers and out this keyboard. when I blow my nose this process reverses. I got it all figgered, dude.

I am on the verge of becoming a true net surf buddy, got the new 2.6 AOL program loaded. Still can't get thru on the 8 cents a minute 800-716-0023 line to AOL. must be I have to sign up for it first and I don't know how to do that yet so am still using a long distance call to connect each time, one in Missoula which then ties in with AOL. Got any info on this?

I am excited by the thing you're setting up. It really feels like going on a trip.

Douglas MacArthur

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