Re: Can We Stay Anonymous?

Subj: Re: Can we stay anonymous?
Date: 12/04/95

YO Sidney,

In a message dated 95-12-03 19:39:16 EST, you write:

<< I understand the hyperlinks thing, like the idea, you want some photos, get'm scanned? How do other New users connect with this 'zine? What sort of audience might there be for it? Can we stay anonymous? >>

Here's where I am in this process --> I'm making these web pages myself and I don't know how. Yes I want to insert the photos but I don't have the scanner yet --> I'm thinking of buying a Snappy to grab video and convert that to GIF files (I can point my video camera at your photos). I need to talk these technical things over with "Dances with Imprisoned Ones." Another thing I need to do is locate and purchase a server site for our pages.

I've got the format figgered. There's a home page with THE LETTERS at the bottom. You click on THE LETTERS and it takes you to a chronological index. You then clicks on the desired LETTER and it takes you there. Each letter has multiple hyperlinks to adventurous web journeys. If you come BACK from the adventure, at the bottom of each LETTER is a Hypertext that says Return to THE LETTERS index, then you clicks on that to proceed.

I figger (on a bad day) this'll cost us $29 a month tops, on down to zero depending on who we know where an' stuff. Maybe we can get that place where you buy the cheese burgers and malts to sponsor us ?? Can they send them malts out FED-EX ?

So --> YES I want the photos but it may be a while before I can Compute  
       them.  YOU  scan 'em an' e-mail 'em to me in GIF files HA HA.
and --> Newcomers will enter our URL (web page address) into their       
        browser to access us.
and --> Our audience will at least double because I know two people with 
        access to the Internet that I will tell to, "CHECK OUT MY WEB    
        PAGE BABE." 
and -->  Our anonymity will be dubious since I KNOW THESE BABES who      
    might check it out.      
(YOUR anonymity could be semi-actual while MINE slips to kinda-virtual.)

But I'm too old to fight it off now.

yer fren,

Lucias McAllister

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