Re: Lessee now . . . Where wuz I ?

Subj: Re: Lessee now . . . Where wuz I ?
Date: 95-12-02 15:18:11 EST
To: El Polvo

Yes, yes, that is a stone groove as the archeologists used to say, what a concept Polvo, looks like to be a lotta fun.

Just got your message and am shooting off this note to say howdie. Weird thing, after you first brought up the idea of the "magazine" over the WWW that thing that bit you on the van bit me on the writerly and I like dropped out of Montana completely for a week and pulled out some stuff and started editing and dreaming dreams of sending it out to the world, only came to my senses yesterday and let go of that thing, whew, close call. The way you have it coming together it is fun, it shares a lot and entertains and stuff, and there's no bigass push to it, just casual.

I got some books, the mckinley yaller pages for the Internet and the Internet for dummies and am making some headway in comprehending what this is. Pretty apocolyptic is what I feels in my heart, reminds me of a story by Theodore Sturgeon I read in the 50's where the universes some time in the porvenir get ready to hook up all the computers containing all the knowledge and different cultural feezies and corkers, the deal is they are gonna pull the switch that brings it all together into this one mother of a computer they can all tap into. Big ceremony, all the leaders and shit poised, the switch is pulled, hums and weird lights, then the President of the United Universes poses the big question to the mother compute, Is there a God? Instantly comes back the reply, There is now, dude.

I'll download Carla now and the short story and be back to you this weekend with a letter.

Yours in Compute, The One.

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