Lessee now . . . Where wuz I?

Subj: Lessee now . . . Where wuz I ?
Date: 12/02/95
To: Jomaxsolo

El Solo,

Lessee now . . . Where wuz I ?

I sent you all the Carlas so you've had plenty to read. She's probably in Mississippi by now, I'm sending her latest, AMERICAN BORDERS 20 under separate cover.

Now here's what I'm up to. I'm working buddy. Been really puttin' out down at the GOV Channel. But . . . I've been on the computer too. My son, "Dances with Imprisoned Ones" has turned me on to a free download from Novell for my WordPerfect 6.1 that lets me make WWW pages (HTML Documents) without having to know what the hell I'm doing.

So . . . I'm making web pages out of our e-mail. Is this all right with you? Are you willing to let your mail hang out in public in front the President of France and everyone? I've got archives going back to the first e-mail you sent from San Diego after the Summer Montana Trip.

Here's the fun part . . . the HYPERLINKS. The HYPERLINKS are the highlighted or underlined text in the document that, via the mouse click, take the reader to another Web Page on the Internet. Here's how our Web Page(s) will work. You keep up the descriptions of the World According to Harry Chesterfield and I highlight the occasional key word or phrase and link it to some related web page that will whisk the readers off on an excellent adventure in cyberspace. After surfing free for the last three months, I can tell you there is whole new way of KNOWING, LEARNING and EXPERIENCING out there.

Here's a sample of our proposed Web Page(s).

So what do you think about the idea? We'd have to get space on a server somewhere but that wouldn't cost too much. Meanwhile, during all this searching the Web for related stuff I ran across a Montana short story by David Persyn, ALOFT. I'm sending it to you also under separate cover or in separate bytes or whatever.

yer fren,

El Polvo

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