Subj: WWW
Date: 95-11-18 15:56:47 EST
To: El Polvo

Did I thank yall for that info from the Idaho guy? Really mobilized me, reading up on WWW and excited about thrusting some of my writing on the unsuspecting newsgroups altho I haven't a clue as of yet as to how to go about it. It is enuff right now to be learning about the Internet from the AOL book and from the Zen material from PA. I am locked into 2400 bps right now and have elected to use the AOL # at .08 per minute, that 800 716-0023 number, but I can only get as far as step 3 when it is connecting at 9600 bps and then it times out and reverts back to starting over at my old Great Falls connection point thru Sprint Net.

I'll get back to you as soon as I fall back into non-tech mind.

Buenos dias, mi amigo. Come 'sta?

Pedro Almendariz

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