One Video Could'a Replaced this Whole Letter

Subj: One Video Could'a Replaced This Whole Letter
Date: 11/07/95
To: Jomaxsolo

Dear Mister Campanella:

I guess I need to get out the video camera. I'd show you the Toy Truck and I could even let you watch me slide the CD in the radio and turn on my 300 WATT amplifier that powers the 10" Thumper speakers in the truck box behind the seat. You could hear Peter Gabriel, Aaron Neville, Tori Amos, Trisha Yearwood, and Willie Nelson doing their versions of their favorite Leonard Cohen songs. The silence between the verses in Suzanne and If It be Your Will is breathtaking at 300 Watts.

I'm real happy I talked myself out of the Van, I saved 18K right off the bat, the insurance and maintainence is cheaper and the gas milage is twice as good on the little truck. So I can take the savings and pour it into the sailboat fund?

The private school (Menaul) certainly agrees with Bridgette so far. She's co-captain of the Mid-School Cherleaders Squad and she just turned out a 4.0 GPA on her first report card. She seems fairly happy for someone that age, I hope it continues.

Guess I'll have to point the Camera over my shoulder and give you a tour of the internet. You might need a little more horsepower on the Mac. Being a cyberperson is really easy though, it's just like channel surfing on TV except that you can stop and chat, write messages, make art, or do business if ya want.

When I get around to it I'll be making us (you and me) a Web Page that's an Electric Magazine and maybe it'll just be our letters that people can read and contribute their opinions on or maybe it'll be a full fledged Big Sky/Land of Enchantment guide to the proper appreciation of sagebrush and visions of steam rising off'a pile of road apples on a cold morning in October. YUKK. We could call it the hitchin' post and anyone passin' by could stop and read some or even add their own piece about life in the West or East or South, past present or furture? Even Carla -- Carla King can be reached via email at:

And about the Marilyn... I have to go to work now. I'll tackle that later, but believe me it's all perfect. It's exac- ly - as - per - scribed in the picture I saw from the Hubble Telescope last week of the Birth of the stars in the Eagle Nebula. Thank your lucky stars for her and her menopause and them famous-holy-sock-blue-raincoats and the edgy nerves of child repellant. All is well and perfect my boy. Hear me now and believe me later. Go buy her another malt.


Don Juan DeMarco - Rent the Video!

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