Carla Writes to the World on the Internet

Subj: Carla writes to the world on the Internet
Date: 10/30/95
To: Jomaxsolo

Mr. Mountaina,

If you wanted to write for the world we could make a magazine on the internet and put your stuff in it. Carla does it.

El Polvo :-{ D

About Carla King Carla King is not a biker chick... okay, well, maybe just a little. She started riding and writing at about age 14, dropping the pen and the wheels only briefly since then. As a journalist, she has contributed to newspapers, magazines, and travel anthologies such as Rough Guides: Woman Travel, and Travelers' Tales: France. A U.C. Santa Cruz graduate living near Silicon Valley, she absorbed enough about electronics to be accused of being a nerd, and in fact has worked as a freelance technical writer documenting high-tech hardware and software. Computer literacy qualified her for a six-month writing contract in France. Since then she's traveled much of Western Europe, a little in the Caribbean, and bicycled for three months through five West African countries. Her first guidebook, Cycling the Riviera, which describes day trips between the French Riveria and the Alps, will be published this summer. After her new sidecar motorcycle, scuba diving is her latest passion, and she'll be contributing to Dive Travel magazine as she experiences America's warmer bodies of water.Go to American Borders Copyright (c) 1995 Global Network Navigator, Inc., ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Solitude and Solace

Text and photos by Carla King

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