Dustin Beats the Wanting Disease!

Subj: Dustin Beats The Wanting Disease!
Date: 10/24/95
To: Jomaxsolo

Dear Joe Mt.,

I beat that dang wanting disease over the Van - bought a truck instead. I'm OK now, Toyotally.

I sure enjoyed your "Hunting". You're write on target. Reads real good, feels good, takes me in there without any baggage. I like it a lot. How much do I owe ya so far? I don't like fiction. Something about it... it's like goofing off ya know? It's not true so what good is it? Now... non-fiction like you're writing in these letters, even if you embellish and lie a lot... it's, it's really real so I'm not goofing off I'm studying data and collecting information. I want one of those malts when I come up there. Vanilla. I want to sit in the Western Bar and watch some of those people.

I say you do a couple years on Montana, then come on down, do San Carlos, then maybe, Newfoundland or New Zealand. Give ol' man Michener a run for his rummy. I read you for six-eight months then come visit. You do the scouting and reporting out ahead of me. We build a WWW page on the Internet and put your letters there. Western Bar and Augusta Motel, etc. sponsor the page and the Village, County and State fund the writing that makes the visitors come visit.

Load me up 'nother bowl of that funny tobbacco Bill, I feel another idea commin'.

But seriously folks, there is really some serious electronic publishing going on on the Net. Includes pictures and sound too if ya want. VRML - Virtual Reality Modeling Language made by Silicon Graphics allows you to create 3D environments that can be "walked through". But sometimes Bud, just a plain old good old letter from Montana is what a cyberperson really needs. Know what I mean. There's a value to that, it's worth something.

Thanks a lot kid,

The New Pick Up Truck Boy

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