Claim No. Please

Subj: Claim No. Please
Date: 10/12/95
To: Jomaxsolo


Send me the claim number that goes with that electric postcard and I'll retrieve it for you. Glad to hear that the Marilyn is being well received by the neighbor(hood). You can really use those six fire buttons on the flight yoke eh? They say it's got toe brakes too eh?

I just loaded Winders '95 and my airplane engine sounds went south. There's a few other bugs in some of my other programs from this upgrade too.

Don't worry about that uninvolved Samaritan dream, it's a cityfied thang. By this time next year you'll be dreaming you noticed the guy's symptomology a month ago and got him to go in for an EKG and some healthy preventative treatment.

Which is worse?


The dusteramma

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