Mega Rams Schwantzer

Subj: Mega Rams Schwantzer
Date: 95-10-11 23:03:02 EDT
To: El Polvo

Dude, I have virtually no memory once into AOL and my Robotics runs at 2400 bps becuz up here there is no choice, you get Great Falls larga distancia every time you log in. Send the post card and I will fool around trying to get the post master.

We went out to the Hutterite colony again the other day to get some vegetables, what was left of the harvest as well as the ongoing hothouse tomatoes and some pumpkins. Oh, the main thing was to find two chickens for Zachary. Cristina had her two rabbits and Zachary had been wondering if he was going to have some critters to look after or if we were just damned liars and parental scum. So after we got the vegetables from the young woman with the straight back and metallic blue sheen high necked dress with the glow of youth and clean living highlighting her cheeks so radiantly that she had to hide some of it beneath a comely bonnet, we went looking for the Chicken Boss. By the time we find him Zachary is modulating his expectations, we tumble out of the pickup and talk to Ely almost reeling from the fumes of homemade wine on his breath, he says he'll sell us two fowl and brings out chicken versions of the Hunchbacks of Notre Dame, Marilyn tells him we had sort of hoped for something with feathers and he was quick to assure us that the naked ones were the best layers, she tells him they look like they are in advanced stages of AIDS and he says he doesn't know what you call naked chickens but they are prize layers. She says all the same could he bring out at least one chicken with some feathers and he stomps off and is gone for awhile while some kids in black suits and cardboard hats come in to look Zachary over and decide they want to spray the water hose on him. Ely comes back with a chicken as we know them and we don't want to press getting yet another, figuring he is doing us a favor by selling us two of his layers, so we act happy and stuff them into a cardboard box we'd brought along and ask about buying some grain. He fixes us with a look that says Are you out of your Babylonian minds or what?, swaggers off to get some.

He has obviously fallen in love with Marilyn and wants to marry her once he can get rid of me, the kids and Pebbles, and set her to work sewing or something. He comes back with a grocery bag full of ground grain and chicken supplements which he hands to me and moves in closer to Marilyn. By this time Zach is in the bed of the truck putting on his coat to counter the cold of his soaked clothes and the Hutterite kids are milling around staring at him like he is in a circus cage. Zach loves their attention. Ely loves my wife. He is telling her that if she brings out a fifty pound flour sack he'll fill it with chicken feed next time and he brags about his graneries and how she can also purchase some whole wheat and other stuff. Now, the Hutterites have a reputaion for being pretty randy guys, adultery is okay as long as it is the man colonizing an out-of-colony woman, I mean their wives put up with it as one of the Commandments, Thou Shalt Seriously Boogie with All Women and the guys consider themselves severely studly, so what is going on, even if Marilyn doesn't know it, is seduction except instead of stuff like Your eyes are like saffires at dawn it's My grains are the best and you'll love the loaf I put in your oven, mama. Intense.

Thank you for the advice about humor, get in, shoot to kill, get out, no apologies, kind of like Pancho Villa. Got the ad sheets for the pilot controls for the Mac and the pedals from one of the companies includes brakes, that's CH Products. They also have a Virtual Pilot Pro with throttle control, elevator and aileron trim controls and complete programmability. Also six Fire buttons.

Marilyn's sister and mother are here visiting. They went to Catholic church today and afterward the priest drove the Volvo to see if he wanted to buy it from us. We'll see.

Well, Polv me fren, you enjoy yourself and your work and your woman and we'll get together when the time comes, right? In a van or without, what's the diff?

I had a dream last night where this guy grabs his chest and collapses. I walk on ahead not wanting to get involved, although in real life I have an updated CPR and First Aid certification, and pretty soon two guys come by carrying a stretcher with this guy on it and this man with a briefcase walking next to me drops his briefcase to grab a free handle on the stretcher and help the guys carry him to the ambulance. I am tempted to pick up the briefcase and carry it after them, and wonder why I didn't help at first.

Yall be seriously happy, here?

El Juan

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