Subj: Zen
Date: 10/08/95
To: Jomaxsolo

Mr. Buddah-Buddy,

I send this because you didn't ask for it.

Frequently Asked Questions from alt.zen:

"Why do people post such nonsense to this group? One of the central points of Zen is intuitive understanding. As a result, words and sentences have no fixed meaning, and logic is often irrelevant. Words have meaning only in relation to who is using them, who they are talking to, and what situation they are used in. Some postings are indeed nonsense; other postings appear to be nonsense at first but this is because the meaning is all between the lines. Zen and poetry have gone hand in hand for centuries."

In spring, hundreds of flowers; in autumn, a harvest moon;

In the summer, a refreshing breeze; in winter snow will accompany you.

If useless things do not hang in your mind,

Any season is a good season for you.

If you want to express the truth, throw out your words, throw out your silence, and tell me about your own Zen.

Without revealing his own penetration,

He offered another's words, not his to give.

Had he chattered on and on,

Even his listeners would have been embarassed.

Has a dog Buddha-nature?

This is the most serious question of all.

If you say yes or no,

You lose your own Buddha-nature.

Well HOTDAMN pardner, I say "NO! HELL NO! A dog ain't got no Buddha-nothin'."


El Grasso Hoppes BIGMOUTH

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