"Dice la Verdad y Corrida." (Tell the Truth and Run)

Subj: "Dice la verdad y corrida. " (Tell the truth and run)

Date: 10/06/95

To: Jomaxsolo

Dear fello netsurf buddy,

I don't know nuffin' about Netcom but if they say you get 270 hrs., then by god, they better give it to ya or they'll have me to tangle wif.

Here's MY tight-ass deal on this superhighway business:

1. Get on AOL and bring up the goto screen searcher.

2. GoTo - GNN

3. Follow the directions from there and you'll end up a Beta tester (spelled, FREE USER) of their GNN's netsurfing software and service. Unlimited access until who knows?????? They'll ask for a credit card but there's no charges goin on yet. I've been using it a month and it hasn't cost a dime (except I got on Dodge's Home Page and said I wanted to buy a new Ram Van on the Internet - I haven't heard from them yet and my wanting disease is ALMOST gone now). You got E-mail, WWW, Archie, Gopher, and access to every bit of information that ever was or ever will be (except what my right hand is doing of course).

As to rereading your humor - don't do that. Joke 'em an' run. Don't look back. On to the next joke babe, hell with it if didn't work, we'll have two-three more better ones than that before we'd ever get back an' fix that old one, right?? Anyway I liked it, used the whole thing (except the sentence about the wife). ...used it along with the whole Unabomber Manifesto and some quick Joseph Campbell and Bob Dylan quotes. If he can handle it, I'll have MORE POWER, if not... well maybe I can write for SOMEBODY ELSE for free. ...reminds me what Joe Sprague said:

JOE SAYS there are a lot of REAL WRITERS right here in Albuquerque. HE SAYS HE knows ONE WRITER who goes into businesses with something that HE'S written and asks if HE can use their copy machine. If the answer is yes, HE copies what HE wrote and tacks it up on the wall above the copy machine.

"Tell the truth and run."

-Yugoslavian Proverb

Ensign Polvo

ps - keep sending that stuff about Augusta, I loved that cheebugger, malt an beers stuff an' the horses. Tell Ben I said hello. He knows me from Santa Barbara, tell 'im. Hell he knows me better'n ol DRY hisself... we musta talked for 5-10 minutes or more.

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