Date:95‑10‑06 11:16:58 EDT


To:El Polvo




In rereading my last attempt at humor it comes off more as doggerol.

(Did you ever see that cartoon of the pooch sitting at the typewriter, his master standing behind him reading over his shoulder, and the dog is saying "Of course it's doggerol, what did you expect?") I got mad at Dry Country Blue and tried to lighten his arrogance agin ye but it just came off as another attack only not as good.


Ben, my 27 year old son is here, he's living in Grand Forks, BC, and came down to visit for a week. Yesterday Marilyn and I saddled him with carting for the kids after school and snuck down to Mel's, had the Scotswoman there make us up two fanatic hambiggers with crisp hickory smoked bacon and two malts that took me back to my childhood, goddam they were good. Then we drove up to the Sun Canyon, went up and up to the dam and parked at the scenic view overlooking the lake and fell asleep. Later we went over to the bar where there were four professional drinkers who bought us beers and pumped us for information, we had a good time, lots of laughter. Dave, Gus, Glenn and Howie. Kathy bartendered. She remembered us from June when we were up there for a beer, even remembered it was a Black Dog Label.


We walked the railroad bed out of Augusta yesterday morning, Marilyn went over to talk with some horses looking at us go by, she rousted them into prancing, made them chase after her just by the vigor of her delight. "C'ome on horses, let's run!" and they did, following her the other side of the fence.  I used to work for the AT&SF in 1960 as a signalman helper, I dug ditches forthe signalmen as we changed over equipment from Chicago to San Berdoo. I love the railroad. Walking that old bed made me feel plenty good. Missed the ties and tracks tho.

What do you know about Netcom? I hear they give you 270 hours a month for twenty bucks. Can that be?


Thank you for the ordering information for yoke and rudders, I called them and they are sending packets of info.


Augusta C.



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