Date:95‑09‑30 21:37:04 EDT


To:El Polvo


Dear Grand Canyon on a Sunny Day When I Have on my Shades under my Umbrella, Will you warp into my realtivity tho it might not fit my position in consciousness right now which is okay since I don't know you anyway, shape or form. Just who in the dickens do you think I am if indeed you think upon a plane which I bother with anyway? That might engage my curiosity as if I care and I may or mayn't. Shoot if you must this old dry head but spare your country's shed she said.

Dry Country Dan


ps..my wife is not what you called her even if that fits your perspective. She is EFAC 49, I know it, I am you and you can't be me or you'd know it 2. Send whatever, if you can find my thread of thought as I might be lost in terminal arrogance and transcendent fogs. What's your name by the way? Are you good for me or bad? I must know tonight. Email an answer of I'll rub out your consciousness forever. Then try to find work. I don't need you, whyn't you stop pestering me goddammit?!!



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