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Date:95‑09‑29 10:26:29 EDT


To:El Polvo


i'm glad you called her that whatever it was because it expressed your endearment and it strengthened your bond with Dry who couldn't believe what you called her because he was saving up to call her that when he got really passionate, and you sort of stole his thunder, he was outraged that you could say such an endearment so easily and that was what ticked him off and also made him love you more. Pain and anger are the cement of cinder blocks of emotion, what brings feeling into reach of the emotions.  Or the ground glass in the condom.

Thank you for the info to move me closer to being a cyberpilot who can transfer his excellence to a goddamned plane some day. God, I love it. I'd love to be a commuter pilot on the network.

Hey, this is an excellent day, the sun came up behind my back but I saw it sneaking along there in the mirror and caught it inthe act, it is soooo satisfying to catch the sun in the act.

What is the afterword on that drama at your station and the media slut? The loser manager? The mayor. The dead kids, audience feedback down the line, your position now, your van?


The water is pure, no additions to it, you find it at 19 feet, good stuff, and out in the woods it carries the cow so I haven't tried it, but I'll bet it's equally good. The sky you can sip anytime, it is big goddam sky, bigger than New Mexico which I never thought possible since your horizons are the same distance apart. The air is sweet.


I was hard on Dry because of projection, I want to do what he has in mind and I was railing at his reluctance to jump in because I am in that boat. But here's the thing here, I let go of the rocks along the bankand let ther current carry me out to where I am going now, letting go of all my ideas and trying and doing things. I've given up the pretense that I can get anywhere by working hard at it because that's never got me anywhere except to the next rock along the bank, and then the next. The few times I've lost my grip and fallen back into the river of no return it has always taken me to where I really wanted to be. So this is one of those times and my being here is great evidence that it was a good damned thing to do. I breathe that air, open to that sky, sip that water and it is all I want right now. I am starting to live again.


Sepulveda Boulvard



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