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Dear Mr. Augusta Jackson,


That's some pretty good stuff.  We could all use some of that. You're pretty much making a novelette out of this e‑mail from Augusta... it's very good to read.  It puts me there with that dog and that ‘49 maroon...  I'm touched pretty much with the latest one...  almost sad that the bicycle thieves can't read it.


You haven't said a damn thing about the water yet.  Howz the water?  Isn't there supposed to be good water there?  Can you drink the water?


And the sky.  What about the sky?  Montana is BIG SKY country isn't it? Can you drink the sky?  Or what?


The Radium Springs guy doesn't have a computer.  He's only got a $400 word processor.  He cain't get on the web fer cyber rustlin'.  His DRY COUNTRY NEWS ought to be on the Internet anyway with perhaps a paper printout for the locals without computers but he's not there yet.  It's not a waste of time/energy though, it's an exercise in chop wood, carry water ‑ ing.  He and the unabomber are not too enthused about the direction society's got it's binoculars pointed.


 LIFE IS A TERRIBLE GODDAMN MISTAKE THAT SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED!!!  or...or if it is not a mistake, maybe we should accept it as it is.         

‑Twisted adaptation of a quote by Joseph Campbell



Here's the specs on the simulator tools:


Virtual Pilot ‑ Flight Yoke  ($69.95?)   I'm not sure about compatibility with MAC


CH Products

970 Park Center Drive

Vista, CA  92083                                (As real as it gets, spring loaded and even has trim tabs)

(619) 598‑2518.




Rudder Control System    ($149.95)   Same device works on either IBM or MAC



10150 SW Nimbus Avenue(No toe brakes but damn real feel and action

Portland, OR 97223‑4337 I have ‘em tied to the floor to keep ‘em from slidin')

(503) 639‑3200

Fax(503) 620‑8094





It's getting tired now.  I'll continue this later.  Meanwhile I'll send you this.





Oh, I referred to her with an unusual Term of Endearment.  I was only being affectionate/friendly.  I shouldn't have.




Yer friend,



the dust



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