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The Mr. Solberg, of which I earlier spake, concerning the Dry Country News has now sent  a further missive in explanation of the ‑ where he's coming from‑ness ‑ about the publication so as to where I thunk I might share this with you as a writer of things which might be appropriate in your realm of contribution to said news and reader awareness by making your daily keyboard piddling more directional, at least toward the southern third of New Mexico if you were able to be  a rough draft donor in a less‑than‑paid‑for capacity.   AND I QUOTE:




During the late 70s and early 80s, I put out a magazine called Dry Country News.  It was like a cross between Mother Earth News and CoEvolution Quarterly.  The time definitely seems right for putting out this magazine again.  I have talked to a number of people about this, and they have all been enthusiastic.  I would like to share a few thoughts about DCN.  I feel that if many people think positively in the same direction, then things will start to happen.


* The prime focus of DAN. is HARMONY ‑ people living in harmony with the Earth and with each other.  To that end, DCN will do its best to be neutral when it comes to lifestyle, politics and religion. We have all got to share the same planet, and we've all got to get along with each other.


* DCN will be unremittingly POSITIVE in tone.  We all know the seriousness of the environmental crisis, but it is not the function of this particular magazine to dwell on that fact.  We want this to be a magazine of POSITIVE ALTERNATIVES to the system of mindless consumerism we are all enmeshed in.


* DCN will talk about the entire spectrum of human existence.  There is not a "physical world" over here and a "spiritual world" over there.  "Haul wood, carry water."  We will always have a strong "how to" emphasis ‑‑ gardening, solar energy, straw bale houses, etc. etc.  But we will also have articles on community development, intellectual overviews on sustainable living, etc., poetry, and personal experiences.  We are endeavoring to be a complete package here.


* DCN will not be an exclusively "country" magazine.  Much of our focus will be to inspire urban dwellers to live a more sustainable lifestyle ‑‑ using compact flourescents, recycling more, growing a garden in the backyard, riding bicycles, making up their own entertainment and cultural dramas rather than depending on Hollywood for this.  There are many things that urban dwellers can do.


* Ultimately, DCN will be published quarterly ‑‑ one issue per season.  But we are basically starting from scratch here, and there will be only one issue for 1996.  Like planting a garden, putting out a magazine is an organic process ‑‑ after you prepare the soil and plant the seed, you've got to wait In this case, it will take about a year for a strong feedback loop to get started.  I plan to run classified ads in other sustainable‑type publications, and will send review copies to anybody who might review us.  Also, I will print up an extra 1000 (in excess of the initial press run of 1000) for free distribution.  Word of mouth is, after all, the best advertising, and there's nothing like having an issue of the magazine given to you by an enthusiastic reader.


* After the magazine starts showing a profit (within a couple of years, I hope), I intend on paying the artists and writers/.  Till then, what I can say is, you're getting in on the ground floor, and it's a good feeling being part of a phenomenon like this.


* Because that's what DCN really is ‑‑ a cultural phenomenon, I feel strongly inspired to put out this magazine.  Writers and artists are already being inspired to send us articles and drawings.  Other people are being inspired to subscribe and to pass the word to their friends.  What is it that inspires us?  I don't want to give it a name.  Let's just say a HIGHER PURPOSE is working its way through us all.


* One quote from the Whole Earth Catalog which always stuck in my mind is, "Instigators need not be leaders."  Please view me as an instigator who's having a lot of fun doing one of his assigned tasks.  I have never aspired to be a "leader" in any traditional sense of the word.  I view my role as editor as being a mirror and a lens.  This magazine will be getting a lot of energy from a lot of different people, an my job is to reflect this energy back to you, after focusing it and giving it coherence.  Sort of like a cultural laser beam.


* I am ALWAYS open to suggestions and feedback.  If you are inspired to say something or do something with regard to this magazine, then please act on this inspiration!  Being part of this kind of process is always fulfilling and enjoyable.


* We are living in an exciting and perilous era.  The evolutionary changes required of us are unprecedented in human history, and the path ahead is extremely difficult.  But we have one very important factor in our favor: in order for us to make the transitions necessary for us to survive and thrive, we are going to have a LOT of fun!





Thank you for participating,



Gordon Solberg

Publisher and Editor


Please Write or call:



Box 23

Radium Springs, NM 88054         (505) 526‑1853     





This, of course, would be one same Mr. Solberg who, in the days of LifeTimes, was also smitten by the works of one Johnny T.D.A. Lingo ‑ Dormant Brain Rersearch and Development Laboratory ‑ Laughing Coyote Mountain ‑ Black Hawk, Colorado.  Other than that he seems to be a very sensible buddy and we actually exchanged personal appearances in each other's homes and seemed to like and trust each other enough to concede that we were friends until I wrote a teasingly baaaaaaaad four letter word about his girlfriend (Kathleen used to OOOOOOOHH and AAAAAH when I'd call her that).  I apologized clear up to kiss‑ass‑ness till he believed I was repentant (though offense was the furthest thing from my intent) and it seemed ok between us but I haven't heard from him for 5‑6 yearz till now that he's ready to publish DCN again but he does write better than I (and he's almost half as good a writer as YOU).



I just thought that maybe you might like to write some DRY COUNTRY NEWS in between your GREAT FALLS GAZETTE columns.  Drop ol' Gordie a line.





Dr. Polvo



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