El Juan

Subj: El Juan
Date: 95-07-30 14:14:34 EDT
To: El Polvo

Polvs, am back as of last night, sort of phased out at the moment but wanted to say howdie and let you know I'll be getting you a letter together over the next hour or so if I don't keel over from culture reentry--we've been in Montana for a month and made an offer on a house in a village of 152 people east side of the Sawtooths west of Great Falls. It's one of the last states where you can buy your home on the Mastercard. Yeh, looks like we're baling outta here, taking the kids with us, they can grow up cowpersons and hunter/fisherfolk. Tiny place, 900 sq. ft. Well, more with the letter I'll whomp up. Can you advise me as to how I oughtta fill in the "Occupation" slot on my profile, and I need a personal quote too. You're my strategist and advisor, so come up with something please.

Su amigo, Harry Chesterfield,


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