March 26, 2002


Horse Walks Into A Bar



A horse walks into a bar.


The bartender looks at him closely

and asks,


"So. Why the long face?"


The horse begins to talk,


"During the Clinton years it was easy

to be optimistic because international

guidance and policy from him was

harmonious with the laws of nature's

lust for life and growth. Abundance was

nurtured and everything was growing...

'too exuberantly', according to Alan



Clinton's vision was that this abundance

would be shared globally... as outlined

in the 'New Rules for the New Economy'

by Kevin Kelly, abundance  would become

so common that it would be freely shared

and given to all on earth.


Borders would dissolve. The successful

would teach the less fortunate to use

the networking tools of the information

age... infinite information and knowledge

would be available for all to build

abundance of their own and all on earth

would share information and knowledge. All

would prosper. The old pyramid model of

'leadership from the top down' would be

turned upside down and the power of

decisions and action, and all the

information necessary to guide the ship

would flow from the many... from the

individual crew members, to the helmsmen.


We came so close to that critical mass

necessary for that paradigm shift. If

counted in popular vote in the 2000

election it was there... Al Gore was

part of the problem though. He so

overreacted to the pressure of political

correctness to disassociate with Bill

Clinton's personal faults that he let the

big dream die. Instead he focused on the

little dream of pleasing enough voters to

win the election. Peer pressure from the

squeaky wheels put the fear in him and

he lost the courage to act on his vision

from the heart.


The boom of the 1990's was a severe and

enormous threat to the 'old economy' and

the 'old wealth'. Their assets and power

were threatened and were, in fact,

disappearing before their eyes. Their wealth

was pouring out of their bank accounts like

a dam had burst. The 'dot coms' and info

tech companies were sucking up that flow

like dry sponges. Nerds, small new

companies and individual investors with

their new tools of computers and instant

information from the new internet network

were quicker on their feet, quicker to

analyze, and quicker to change direction

than the 'old wealth' powerhouses whose

interests were naturally self serving from

fear of losing their wealth and power.


These nerds, small new companies and

individuals did not have this fear. They

were not afraid to lose wealth and power

because they'd never had it to begin with.

It's easy to share with the underdogs of

the world out of joy and gratitude if

you've been an underdog yourself. Having

seen the philosophy of the 'New Rules for

the New Economy" work for them as well as

for the masses it makes sense that they

would share rather than hoard the wealth,

for it is that principle that created more

wealth and more opportunity for more

people in the first place. It is, in fact,

exactly how the wealth flowed to them.


It's a hard lesson to grasp and comprehend

but, giving and sharing wealth freely is

the only way to assure that the flow will

continue. 'Fear of loss' and 'hoarding' is

counterproductive and will stop that flow.

Hear me now and believe me later...

That is a law of nature.


Alan Greenspan, an old school economist,

upon seeing something very strange occurring

and not understanding the natural law of

growth, began trying to stem the growth and

flow by raising interest rates and issuing

vocal warnings to increase fear. He saw the

old American powerhouse 'smokestack'

behemoths faltering and was worried that

they would collapse because they were not

designed to adapt to the changing economy

quickly enough to save their asses (assets).


His actions were ineffective as long as

Clinton was at the helm because Clinton

nurtured and supported the new world economy

with his vision and understanding of the

natural principle of abundance... the

principal that says new tools of knowledge

and access to the global network must flow

out to all people of the world if we are

to keep the flow coming in and avoid an

imbalance of wealth and power in the world.

Otherwise, that imbalance would precipitate

cataclysmic anger, distrust, envy and

feelings of forced poverty upon the

majority of the people on the planet.


With the changing of the guard in 2000, the

rules of the 'old economy' were back.


Immediately the 'smokestack', 'gas and oil'

and 'old wealth' economic rules were back

in the driver's seat and the Bush

administration began to shore up the dams

and build back the walls that had been

leaking wealth and power to the masses.

Also patched were holes in the walls such

as free trade, global treaties to protect

the environment, and treaties to stop the

proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.


Even more holes in the walls, like lowered

defense spending and the reduced emphasis

on building offensive weapons (things that

acknowledged international trust and

interdependence) were quickly plugged by

withdrawing from long-standing treaties and

international agreements, increasing military

spending, revamping plans to build a 'star

wars' presence in space and 'saber rattling'

to assert America's superiority.


America was saved and the graybeards rejoiced!


But what they did not see, due to their

'fear of loss' and 'hoarding' nature, was

exactly what Bill Clinton was trying to avoid.


An imbalance of wealth and power in the

world, with a demonstrated unwillingness to

play fairly in a world economy, quickly began

to precipitate anger, distrust, envy and

feelings of forced poverty and powerlessness

upon the poorest and most downtrodden people

on the planet.




Nineteen frustrated guys from one of the

poorest and least powerful areas of the

world hijacked four of our own airplanes

and flew them as bombs into what they saw

as the symbols of the 'hoarding' oppressors.


And what did we do in return? Instead of

recognizing the cause and trying to understand

and seek a cure for it, we reinforced the

walls further, plugged up more holes,

rattled more sabers and declared war on

frustration. Anyone in the world who was

frustrated to the point of suicidal/homicidal

action against the tight fisted, self serving

wealth of the world's most powerful was

declared an enemy of the United States...

a terrorist... a target to be hunted down

anywhere in the world and killed. All

without benefit of any legal defense or



Well let me tell you... that amounts to

more than two thirds of the people on the

planet including many Americans and is

growing both in number and increased

frustration levels every day as long as

we continue the course of action that

we are pursuing.


Our present course of action is a

prescription for disaster for the

United States of America."


The bartender pours the horse a beer and

asks with concern,


"What will it take for countries to

support each other for other than profit? "


"Profit is not the culprit, profit is an

essential ingredient in growth - it is the

great motivator, the reward for effort

well placed. 'Fear of loss' is the

culprit... a misunderstanding of the

natural principle of abundance. When you

fear that your brother is going to steal

your wealth, that's when you stop the

flow and increase the frustration. You

insult his sense of honor and encourage

him to prove you right if for no other

reason than to get back at you for the



When you share your abundance unconditionally,

when you trust the goodness in humanity and

teach others to gain wealth and power, when

you stop hoarding and start building

cooperative ventures for all to profit

together, that's when you allow the natural

principle of abundance to work freely.


Capitalism is based on profit, not on

competition. When it is understood that

cooperation produces more profit than

competition,  partnerships abound,

spawning greater and more widely-spread

profits. That's what mergers and

partnerships are all about."


The bartender scratches his head and

continues with his questions,


"What will it take for us to take care of

our home, our world, our home planet? "


The horse replies,


"Courage and a larger perspective...


We must see that short term fear leads

us directly to longer term disaster.

By the end of this century (perhaps

much sooner), the United States of

America will not exist in its present

form. That's a promise.


We have a choice. We can continue our

present course and our current policies

of being a separate, superior nation of

tight fisted wealth and be destroyed

by anger, distrust, envy and feelings

of forced poverty and powerlessness by

the poorest and most downtrodden...

or we can give and freely share our

wealth, power and talent with the rest

of the world by evolving into a globally

oriented nation... a government that

listens to all the people on the planet.

One modeled after our success as a country

that opens its doors to people of all

faiths, races, colors and creeds...

a global government that respects every

human's rights to life, liberty and the

pursuit of happiness and protects those

rights on an international scale.


Regardless of what we do, it will happen.

It is nature's path.


If we don't listen to nature and adjust

to harmonize with its path it will happen

violently and perhaps sooner. If we do

listen and follow that vision from a larger

more encompassing perspective it will be

more pleasant and will include more

laughter and recreational opportunities

to enjoy along the way."


Finally the bartender asks,


"What can we do as individuals to help

this happen via the 'pleasant' route?"


The horse continues,


"Just watch and listen to nature...


1) Observe nature from the large, all

   encompassing perspective.


2) Make whatever personal adjustments you need

   to harmonize with what you learn from those

   observations. Don't fight nature.


3) Internalize the view of nature's evolution

   as your own view and then everything you do

   and every decision you make will contribute

   to the 'pleasant' route to the future.


4) Share your toys and play well with others.

   Trust the goodness in your brothers and



Nature has only one commandment for success.

'Do unto others as you would have others do

unto you.' From nature's perspective we are

all ONE. Anything that hurts your fellow man

hurts you.


Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

I needed to voice it just to consolidate and

clarify my thoughts to myself. They've been

eating away at me for awhile."


The horse finishes his beer and walks out.


The bartender looks over at a slightly

inebriated pig who has been sitting at the

bar eavesdropping on the entire conversation.

Observing that the pig is extremely moved and

bursting at the seams to say something about

what he has just heard, the bartender

obligingly asks,


"Well? What did you think of that?"


The pig looks up at the bartender and

squeals out,